Dear Sarasota and Manatee attorneys,

We’re making progress thanks to 60 generous attorneys. Thank you so much!

Please help Legal Aid of Manasota Raise the Bar before you pay your 2020 – 21 Florida Bar Annual Membership fees due July 1. It’s not too late to consider a donation or a case so that you can satisfy the Court’s aspirational goals—a $350 donation to legal aid or 20 hours of pro bono service annually.

Our low-income neighbors are facing life-changing, emergency civil legal issues. We are their legal emergency room. Legal Aid has no choice but to ask for your help. Only a skilled attorney can provide what our clients need.


Recently, a single mom with 3 children came to Legal Aid with 16 months left on a 2 year lease. The landlord continually entered her home without notice and demanded she pay a “guest rate” (a per bed rate) that added $9,000 to her rent. She came to Legal Aid seeking help with her lease and landlord. A Sarasota law firm agreed to take the case pro bono and was able to successfully assist the client with breaking her lease instead of going to court. In her thank you letter, she said “I want you to know I am so appreciative of your help in coming to an agreement with my landlord, and thankful that we didn’t even have to go to court. I have secured another place to live and am looking forward to moving in….”


We invite you to read this well-researched, compelling The New Republic story that shines a light on the importance of legal aid, the huge class and racial disparities in access to justice, and regional and state movements toward the right to counsel. Click here to read: “No Money, No Lawyer, No Justice”


We are 2,300 attorneys strong in our two counties, and yet Legal Aid receives financial contributions from less than 10% of this number. Will 20% of you step up? Donate or take a case? Let’s double Sarasota and Manatee’s participation rate. That’s 360 attorneys.


Make a choice now that will satisfy the Court’s standard of participation.

Make a tax-deductible contribution of $350 or more to Legal Aid of Manasota, Inc. Simply click here. Recurring monthly donations are an option, too!

Agree to accept a case through Legal Aid of Manasota’s pro bono program. To do this, register online by clicking here.

HELP US RAISE THE BAR! Will 20% of Florida Bar members
in Sarasota and Manatee step up?