Like many members of the community, Carol Weiss retired to Longboat Key after a long career—in her case, corporate communications. Now an avid painter, Weiss became interested in giving to Legal Aid of Manasota after a conversation with her neighbor about the work our organization does, and has kindly supported Legal Aid with past gifts. With the news that Congress passed a $900 billion economic relief passage—including one-time stimulus payments—Weiss decided to share half of her stimulus money with Legal Aid.

In her own words, here’s why Weiss is making her generous donation.

“I became very interested in the incredible need for legal aid for disadvantaged people after reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, a book about the shortcomings of our criminal justice system. However, I’d never thought about the huge range of basic civil legal needs disadvantaged people can’t afford until my neighbor told me about her support of Legal Aid of Manasota to people right here in our own community.

“The last time we received stimulus checks, my husband and I used them to donate to various, mostly local, causes that help so many people who are struggling because of Covid-19. This time, I thought Legal Aid would be a great organization to give to. We’re all aware of the needs of our local food banks and homeless shelters, and Legal Aid of Manasota provides another, equally important, way to help our neighbors.

“Economic hardship leads to a ripple effect of problems. I’m especially concerned about those in our community who are facing evictions. I like that this organization hits close to home—it really helps people in our area.”

If you’d like to donate to Legal Aid of Manasota, you can click here to make a one-time donation or to set up a recurring monthly gift.