Recently, one of our pro bono attorneys assisted a client with disabilities with her divorce after a long-term marriage. “Even after all the struggling our client has endured, she has an attitude of gratitude, and it’s wonderful,” our attorney says. Here’s our client’s testimonial.

“Without Legal Aid of Manasota helping me with my divorce, I would still be married to a person who thinks so little of women. My attorney was more than just a lawyer—she was kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. She listened to me and offered help every step of the way, along with her awesome assistant. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Legal Aid of Manasota.

“If I ever come into a position to give a donation to Legal Aid of Manasota, I will, so I can help other low-income people such as myself get legal help. Without Legal Aid of Manasota, we would not have the privilege of having our own attorney.”

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