Recently, a homeless veteran came to Legal Aid of Manasota in dire need of assistance. John was involved in a probate dispute with his siblings and didn’t know who to turn to for help. Because of his situation, he didn’t believe he could receive help due to his inability to pay for legal services.

Our staff attorney immediately jumped in to help John. After working with him and the other parties in the case, Legal Aid of Manasota was able to assist John in getting enough money from the estate to help him get back on his feet and find housing. Since that time, he has been able to obtain stable housing and re-enter the workforce.

A few weeks ago, John stopped by the Legal Aid of Manasota office to drop off an $80 Publix gift card. He wanted us to give it to one of our client families in need. Because we were able to help him, he wanted to pay it forward.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Legal Aid of Manasota changed John’s life—or that we provide much-needed relief to clients like him every day. Please consider a gift today at