Medical Legal Partnership

The medical legal partnership of Legal Aid of Manasota basically is a program for individuals with serious diseases or injuries that lead to legal problems. The program initially started with assisting breast cancer patients and now covers all serious medical diagnoses. The vision of our medical legal partnership is to help clients affected by medical maladies by providing free legal services to those who qualify, including, but not limited to, loss of income due to their medical diagnosis, support for spouses and children, assisting families to stay in their homes, obtaining adequate health care services, and assisting in making end of life decisions, so these clients can live with less stress.

We can assist with:

  • Public benefits such as social security disability benefits, SSI, and food stamps
  • Divorces (75% of breast cancer patients lose the assistance of their spouse or significant other within five years of diagnosis)
  • Guardianships where minor children or dependents with substantial disabilities may lose one or both parents.
  • Defense against foreclosures, evictions, poor housing conditions, staying in government or subsidized housing, such as public housing and the Section 8 program, fair housing issues such as reasonable accommodations, and dealing with utility problems.
  • Obtaining adequate health care services by dealing with health insurance eligibility and coverage, assisting with Medicaid and/or Medicare, navigating the healthcare system with the assistance of trained navigators under the Affordable Care Act, and assisting with the acquisition of medical devices they may need
  • Long term planning and end of life decisions, including advance directives and wills
  • Employment issues involving the Americans with Disabilities Act, family leave, and most recently a cutoff of medical benefits in what appears to be a violation of ERISA.

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