Don is the single dad of a nine-year-old child with disabilities. He’d been living in a condo for two years when he received a non-renewal notice because the new owner of the condo had decided to raise his rent by $800 a month—from $900 to $1,700.

Don had recently lost his job, was living on meager savings and had also undergone surgery when he received a second non-renewal notice that required him to move out even earlier than originally planned. The landlord also turned off his electricity.

Legal Aid of Manasota pro bono coordinator/attorney Pam Fields and Gary Parker—a retired attorney and dedicated volunteer who frequently works with Legal Aid—represented Don and we were able to get him extra time to move. Pam and Gary also referred Don to Wendy at The Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness, who was able to find Don and his son shelter through Harvest House.

Today, Don is settled in his new place, and although the Harvest House shelter is temporary, he is trying to rebuild his life and get healthy again so he can return to work.

“Thank you so much—I couldn’t have done it without Gary and Pam’s help,” Don says of his experience with Legal Aid of Manasota. “You bought me extra time and gave us a roof over our heads. You’re my knights in shining armor.”